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Be Your Own Hero

written by: Madhoora Bhattacharya



Trapped I am in the vessel of another
That I cannot call my name
Trapped I am in this eternal imbroglio
And my spirit I cannot tame.

The cold blade kisses my cheeks
After a long day I go back to where I belong
The kohl laden eyes staring back at me
As I metamorphose into the vessel I long.

Be your own hero, they say
Save yourself, they say.
But my hero perishes in recluse
As Trepidation hinders our reunion

A tear trickles down my face
My ears ring with their empty words
Boys don't cry, they say.
Be your own hero, they say.

Madhoora Bhattacharya

Madhoora Bhattacharya

An engineer in making. A writer. An animal enthusiast having a perpetual love affair with fictional characters.
Madhoora Bhattacharya

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