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Snow Memorial

Snow Memorial

written by: Don Knowles



Great palisades of frigid snow
Piles of paper white barricades
Stacked up beyond a child’s tip toe view
With wintertime memory flurries
Summoned up storm front plows back in view
Bundled and trundled in a mother’s caring
Young ones venture out
Each step a crunchy crackling thrilling chore
A radio rider slips and slides off pace
Just behind
Tethered and teetering by an ice hardening rope
Nipping at a boys heel like an anxious fox cub
Huffed and puffed towards Suicide hill
Topographic Legend of a neighborhood
Exaggerated Tales of bravery beckoning
Forlorn folly of past challenges flogging
he takes good aim towards a well carved path
To let loose the steel and Icy fury
This trusted wooden steed bucks and bolts
Slats of well-worn wood a saddle
steel Skates and whine speeding downward
captain of gravity on his gallant steed
Mushing towards a sole brittle bridge cross dead-man’s creek
You miss this you take a frigid drink
If your aim is true You’re glorified around the block
In a snowy blustery moment
You’re a triumph or a frozen memorial
In these time back
Way back winters
Fast Down the hill
Back to frozen memories in time

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