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Snow Memorial

written by: Don Knowles



Great palisades of frigid snow
Piles of paper white barricades
Stacked up beyond a child’s tip toe view
With wintertime memory flurries
Summoned up storm front plows back in view
Bundled and trundled in a mother's caring
Young ones venture out
Each step a crunchy crackling thrilling chore
A radio rider slips and slides off pace
Just behind
Tethered and teetering by an ice hardening rope
Nipping at a boys heel like an anxious fox cub
Huffed and puffed towards Suicide hill
Topographic Legend of a neighborhood
Exaggerated Tales of bravery beckoning
Forlorn folly of past challenges flogging
he takes good aim towards a well carved path
To let loose the steel and Icy fury
This trusted wooden steed bucks and bolts
Slats of well-worn wood a saddle
steel Skates and whine speeding downward
captain of gravity on his gallant steed
Mushing towards a sole brittle bridge cross dead-man's creek
You miss this you take a frigid drink
If your aim is true You're glorified around the block
In a snowy blustery moment
You’re a triumph or a frozen memorial
In these time back
Way back winters
Fast Down the hill
Back to frozen memories in time

Don Knowles

Don Knowles

My writing is typically written while I'm on a treadmill, so I call myself "the treadmill poet!"

Born in West Chester Pa in 1960 I have been inspired to begin writing again through my interactions with two people I care deeply about that are experiencing the torrents of mental illness.
Don Knowles

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