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Dreamers Dream Very Good Dreams

Dreamers Dream Very Good Dreams

written by: Maid Corbic


In my life, I often believed everyone was blind.
Because I knew I was very strong.
I’m still screaming at myself again, more than ever.
Because I am a dreamer and I am only valid for that one
Who still wanders among dreams?

I am someone who dreams many times.
Some good dreams where he is happy
And in every dream I am happy.
Because I have a reason to live again
Like never before

The meaning of everything is my existence.
Because I am someone who rejoices in that.
Which is still much needed
And her dream is for my love to be
Still more persistent than ever

I’m still looking forward to it again.
Some new happenings and short hours
When I still expect that dream sweet
With someone’s dream a lot for you again
I’m sure I might be looking for more

But I can still be happy about something.
And my luck is to trust at least someone
If I get hurt again, I move on.
Because dreaming is sweet if it makes sense
Only for the person who gives the maximum of himself

Dreamers have some good dreams
Life is tailored to make someone fall in love.
And love is clear and enduring
If laugh exists in everything
Because my dream is to hug you again.
After a year of waiting in vain for existence!

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