Phoenix From The Ashes, poetry by Sajida Haddad at
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Phoenix From The Ashes

Phoenix From the Ashes

written by: Sajida Haddad



I’ve never been one to get stuck for too long
But when the depression hit this time, it hit so strong
Thought I’d be stuck in here forever, I’d be long gone
But there’s something in me trying to get out
A fire in my heart that won’t go out
A candle and a flame
A destiny that has my name
Written all over
Saying come over
I have a story in my heart that needs to be told
I have a purpose and a vision I must uphold
My reason for existence is to breakthrough
All of my fears and doubts and then shine through
So I’m going to throw my self-doubts in the trash
Light them on fire, watch them turn to ash
Then like a Phoenix I will rise from the ashes
It will be legendary, something like magic
Everyone sees everyone else on the surface
All the struggles and the hardships covered up
But I tell the truth when I’m down and I’m hurting
Show my behind the scenes and how I sometimes give up
I say the things you’re too afraid to say
Because I’m not scared to say that I’m in pain
And when my soul rears its ugly face
I’m brave enough to fight it anyway
I’m still in the process of healing
They said that I should befriend my demons
But they say you are who you befriend so now I’m confused
I’m not afraid to say that I’ve been abused
I stand in the light and let the darkness fall behind
I try so hard, maybe too hard, most of the time
I’m haphazardly trying to get myself together
So when I’m back where I started I say I should’ve known better
I know exactly what to do to get to where I want to be
But I overwhelm myself trying to change myself entirely
I hope I get to the point where I feel that I’m enough
And I don’t need the validation of the world to feel my love

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