Zombieland, micro fiction by Stephen Page at Spillwords.com
lucrezia Carnelos



written by: Stephen Page



Plenum Cracker says, We should throw out all the ballots for the Constitutionalists!
Tyrant Reginald answers, Wearing masks or not wearing masks in a choice for the people of the Colonies. It is a free people’s decision. It should not be a mandate!
Dr. Truth replies, The Covid-19 infections are rising faster than we can imagine. A mask is the best way we know at the present to prevent the spread.
Jonathan turned the channel on the T.V. A movie was playing. An actor playing a governor of a colony says, Any citizen of this Colony has the right to shoot a zombie in the head, even if they only suspect they are a zombie!
An actor playing the leader of The United Colonies says, And I might add, any citizen of these colonies has the right to burn the bodies afterwards. Especially if that zombie looks like an immigrant, and especially if it is a person of color.
Jonathan turned off the T.V. and sat in the dark, for a very long time.

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