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written by: Linda Dobinson



Another summer has taken its leave
and tardy flowers cold winds now do scold,
happy lovers find they now must cleave
from stars that glitter with a crystal cold
once so inviting on a summer's night.
Oh, summer's days, shadows danced and so did I
bees drunk on nectar were keeper's delight
and swifts soared in a cerulean sky.
But summer memories must not cloud our view,
when flowers fade glorious leaves will shine
and the autumn sky will be just as blue.
Summer fruits will be happy autumn's wine.
Come then, let's toast the new season, my friend
the days will be golden till they must end.

Linda Dobinson

Linda Dobinson

I was born in Croydon, England but grew up in Barbados. When I was 17 we returned to London. The fast pace of life was exciting, the shops fabulous but the cold - not so good. Although I do not like the cold and never will, I did like the changing seasons. In summer I love the long evenings but in winter I love the long nights. Spring means 'goodbye cold', and the colours of autumn are inspiring.
I like reading, writing poetry, cats, baking cakes and F1 - not necessarily in that order.
I have published three volumes of poetry. My second book ENCOUNTER is No. 1 on Amazon Kindle.
Linda Dobinson

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