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written by: Lana Wesley



I am so sick of inability
To breath free with stability
Awareness everywhere and danger
I keep the mask of “normal” stranger
Always here to help to escape
From my world to where all is same
What for, to be a fake player?
For others, for yourself – betrayal

I grab those iron edges
That keep my destiny on stages
– What to do? – To live with them
– To never be happy? What’s the sense?
– Forget on your own, calm down,
Do what you must or go to the ground
– But soul wants to fly so!
– It can’t go there. Worst sin of all!

“Sin” those say who have seen
Truth only on sacred pages within
Where all’s so deep, not open
“But we read” they all have spoken
And no one knows how long it will get
For them to understand what it had said
How many people and when
Can get free from vise around them?

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