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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

written by: Jessikalynn1980



Many years has she lived

Upon this earth.

A strong and loving woman known,

By many names since birth.


Helen, her given name, married.

She then was known as, Pete’s Wife.

To this man and his namesake,

She dedicated her life.


Arrived a blessing from God,

And a name like no other.

For it takes patience and courage,

To be known as Mother.


As the years passed by,

A small family became many.

Helen, Wife, and Mother, became

A comfort to all, known as Granny.


Her body weak and frail,

God beckons to her weary heart.

Her servitude to him now complete,

He no longer wants to be apart.


Tears we will shed,

For the woman we love.

But we must remember, she is at peace

With God up above.


Now she watches and guides her children,

Given by us, a most glorious name.

For our guardian angel and granny

Are one and the same!


For almost 15 years now I have been a part of this family.

Right from the very beginning granny seemed to accept me.

I never met her husband, but I suspect he considered himself a lucky man.

Just as her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren consider themselves

blessed to have had such a wonderful figure in their lives.

I, too, have been blessed to have been able to have known such a

loving, calm, and courageous woman.

She has touched each one of our hearts in a special way and while

we can no longer hear her gentle words, if we take the time,

we can feel her guidance amongst the soft breeze that caresses our hair.

We can feel her loving touch reaching to us when the warm sun kisses our face.

We can feel her comfort enveloping us on a beautiful fall day,

as the leaves fall all around our feet.

She is and always will be known as

Helen, Wife, Mother, and Granny, but she has moved on so that

she can be our,

Guardian Angel.

This poem is dedicated to my

Guardian Angel, Granny.

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