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written by: Jessikalynn1980



What is Beauty
When hidden by a mask?
Why do we not see the inside?
A question I must ask.

Why do we value
A beautiful face,
Or a body dressed
In satin or lace?

Why do we all
Play a part
Hiding the beauty
Within our heart?

Why be ashamed
Of who we are?
Why dim our light
And become a fading star?

Why do we think beauty
Is luxurious hair,
Or a complexion
Said to be fair?

When in truth
Beauty is so much more!
It’s not found in items
Purchased at a store.

Beauty starts where,
The eye cannot see!
It lies within a soul,
Like you and me!



Beauty in a person is so often described by physical traits. Who has the perfect figure? The shiniest hair? The most sensuous lips? The truth is you can have what the eye perceives as “beauty” but what makes you truly beautiful is the heart and soul encompassed within the shell that houses them.

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