I Remain written by Jessikalynn1980 at Spillwords.com

I Remain

I Remain

written by: Jessikalynn1980



What is my purpose,

In this life?

Is it to constantly,

Endure toil and strife?


No matter the path that

I choose to stroll,

A pattern of chaos,

Is quick to unroll!


A dark cloud must

Hang over my head,

For all my attempts at success,

Failure arrives in its stead!


When I climb the ladder.

When I stand proud and tall,

Something sinister comes along,

And to rock bottom I fall!


Why keep trying?

Why stay strong?

What point is there,

When all goes wrong?


Why give up the challenges I face,

When I continue to thrive?

I will not, because when I have nothing else,

God is with me and I remain alive!

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