WALK AWAY by written by Enigma/MG at Spillwords.com


written by: Enigma/MG


Do not crave me

Walk away …

For you cannot have Me

I cannot be bought

With words of entice in

The secrecies of the night

I am not to be laid

Upon your sensual platter

For the gratification of

Your tastebuds to relish

My forbidden fruit

Remains in remnant

Memories of a past

No longer present

Walk away …

Save yourself from your own delusion

I shall not appease your hunger

My walls are set up

Concreted, Unbreakable

My crows in guards’ watch

No hope for moments in

Pleasured havens of delights

My passions buried

My heart severed of such

Momentous lustre

I am in deathly mournings

And you, must not ask

For more than i can give!!


~ (C) Enigma/MG



Artwork by: Andrew Siambis

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