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written by: Enigma/MG


The night lingers on … Another forthcoming …
The darkness palpating its unwanted desires
Her thoughts are not in dimmed view
Of his absent flesh beside her
The coldness just a cruel reminder
Of his neglectful truant warmth
The wrappings of his ushering arms
A painful emptiness she cannot escape
Tangible memories unfading
The deep craves of him that ache in her
Waves of oceans both wondrous and insane
His deathly whispers of ‘love’ not silent from her ears
His scent in permeating lingerings
Intoxications of lust in full heat of
His touch,
Still an addiction of taunting depravities
She cannot hide her wants from herself
Tossing and turning
Lurking thoughts beating in her mind
The shadowiness in taunts
Have her gripped by each breath
Her heart beating a call for him
A call he no longer heeds neither in
The day light nor in the sundown that follow as
He appeases his ego with pockets fuelled
Her sensual neglects are but blazes of flaring light
Blaring through her window from the
Dusking skies that hails his name in her
Weakened states of nightly fragilities …
How can she bare not wanting him!?
How can she bare not wanting to escape him!?
This night, each night, every night …


~ (c) Enigma/MG

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