RE-BIRTHED written by Enigma/MG at


written by: Enigma/MG


Clothing’s of outcast
Effortlessly removed
Submerging herself
Nakedness in view
The bliss of the sea
Chanting sounds
Of calming harmonies

Bathing in waters
Waving healing
Purifying her soul in
Echoes of
Flowered raindrops
The miracles
Of baptisms
Transpired in joys

Tangled webs
Of love gone raw
A present of a past
Cleansed and no more
From the ties around
The hell bent oars
Loosened and free
Returning to the waters
Her eyes now can see

Through the shadows
Of tiresome laments
Vanished in the distance
Love eternal unveiled

In the coolness of the ocean
The sounds of peace
Dancing all around her
Embraces of mermaids
Calming in the depths
Of her true affections
And, divine emotions…


~ (c)  Enigma/MG




Photography by: Rik Williams

Maddalen Ghayyoori, Alias - Enigma/MG

Maddalen Ghayyoori, Alias - Enigma/MG

A single mother of three (now adults), Melbourne born and based, a massage therapist and working in the hospitality industry; this free spirited self declared writer new to the world of poetries, keeps her love and passion for intermingling her words imperfect, raw, emotive, straight to the point and confronting which all in all seems to work in line with keeping to her, true self, her inner heart and to her journeys of life. She is a shade of light and darkness...
Maddalen Ghayyoori, Alias - Enigma/MG

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