Into The Light, a poem by Parvathy Sukumarat

Into The Light

Into The Light

written by: Parvathy Sukumar



Life is a never-ending journey or so have I heard,
Where you need to cope with the ups and downs.
Success and  failure, it’s all part of the game,
All you need to have is to keep up with the pace.

I don’t heed to these voices anymore,
As they tend to pull me into the dark even more.
I tried long enough to reach their expectations
Only to get pulled into a well of anticipations.

Enough is enough, is all I can think now
To hell with these voices and the worthless advice,
But all I could think about was on where to go
Where no one is there to steer my life.

Wow! I exclaimed after a moment of thought,
I can see a gleam of light coming into my way,
To ward off all my inhibitions and fears away,
Into the light and away from the dark.

Life is short and I now know for sure,
You need to live, that I can assure
Away from the voices and away from the dark,
For a sweet and short ride to vibrant life.

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