The Girl in My Dream, a poem by Parvathy Sukumar

The Girl in My Dream

The Girl in My Dream

written by: Parvathy Sukumar



I still remember the day I first met her,
The day she captured my heart at the very first sight.
She seemed to be unaware of the mishaps around,
Walking around with a smile on her face.

Never looking back at the judgemental stares,
Leaving behind all the worries and fears,
She seemed to be living her life to the fullest,
Without a worry about what is to happen next.

I envied her for the way she carried herself,
I wish I could do the same for myself,
Beyond the bitterness, I knew I could do nothing,
For all, I cared about was the joy of my kith and kin.

How did I end up hating her for the things she achieved?
Neither did I have the time to argue with my conscience,
Nor did I feel it necessary for the time being,
For all I cared about was her immediate downfall.

The heart in me wished to see her tears,
To stop her from achieving her dreams,
To bring her to a point of breakdown,
Where her tears become her soulmate for life.

All my hatred flew away the day I saw her again,
When I saw the hands around trying to rip her apart,
Still, she smiled and carried herself forward,
Without care of what has been happening around.

Amidst the chaos, she came to me with a smile,
I couldn’t help but stare at her charm and elegance,
I wondered if I could switch places with her in life,
For a moment, I prayed for all her dreams to be fulfilled.

Then it all happened within the blink of an eye,
Her smile vanished and was replaced by a look of pity,
Who was it for? I couldn’t decipher at all,
Oh no! It was meant for me and me alone.

I woke up with a jolt, covering my face in a bead of sweat,
I turned to the mirror beside me and was welcomed by her face,
The girl in my dream who was staring back at me,
Alas! Did my dream for her come true? I wondered,
For all she had were a sullen look and watery eyes.

It is then I realized the girl in my dream was no stranger to me,
It was me when I used to dream high for myself,
When the stares nor the blames could waver my hopes,
When I chose to move forward for a better tomorrow.

How did I end up here? I often asked my inner self,
That is when I looked around me for the people I love,
I saw the smile and felt the happiness in them,
That is what has brought me here, at this moment in life.

A word from me can shatter their dreams,
While the same word can build up my hopes,
The girl in me wishes for that day to happen in her life,
While the human in me does nothing but fail her again and again.

Finally, the moment has come again,
Where I need to choose between her and my people,
I thought and thought to make the best decision of life,
Yet here I am, making the same choice for the same people,
While leaving her behind with the shattered hopes in hand.

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