The Haunting Silence, poetry by Parvathy Sukumar
Daniel Nebreda

The Haunting Silence

The Haunting Silence

written by: Parvathy Sukumar



Something that we all seek at times,
Something that we often try to run away from,
Something that never let us be alone,
Something that never let us be in peace as well.

On a starry night, when I see my dreams come true,
When my soul dances to the rhythm of nature,
When my mind drifts off to la-la land,
It is the beauty of silence that amazes me.

Days when I see my failures gaining upon me,
Days when I see the thorns I’ve stepped on,
Days when I see the lethargy kicking in,
It is the same silence that haunts me to the core.

You often pose to be my friend in need,
The days when I yearn for time for myself,
The days when I wish to cut off from the chaos,
It is you who take me to the world of dreams.

You often forget the times we spent together,
On the days when I see my life crumbling down,
On the days when I seek a li’l empathy,
It is you who pull me down to a point of no return.

When my heart swells with pride & joy,
You bring to me my rainbows from the past.
When my heart bleeds with sorrow,
You poke me with my shadows from the past.

How often I’ve wished you to be a human,
To seek answers to my countless questions,
To bring solace to my curious mind,
Oh! how I wish you were a mere human.

Oh Silence! Who are you to me?
Are you my friend, my kin or my partner in crime?
Or are you my foe who looks forth to my doom?
Oh, how I wish you could hear my qualms.

I may never know if you are a friend or foe,
I may never know if you have ever wished well for me,
But there is nothing like your presence that haunts me,
On the days when I am at my lowest.

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