Finding Joy at The Aquarium, poetry by Peggy Gerber at
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Finding Joy at The Aquarium

Finding Joy at The Aquarium

written by: Peggy Gerber



Sitting on a hard, wooden bench
in an aquarium in New Jersey,
I spy a tiny, little boy,
Shirley Temple curls spilling down his back
shining blue eyes opened wide
as he gapes at fish
every color of the rainbow.

His face lights up with ecstasy,
as he begins singing to the fish,
crooning his delight at their existence,
pressing his chubby cheeks against the thick glass
and giving kisses to all his new friends.

His exuberance,
spewing out like a volcano,
spurs me see the world through his eyes,
filling my heart with joy.
Grateful for this gift,
I walk over, plant a kiss on his downy cheek
and gently whisper in his ear,
Grandma loves you so much.

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