The Summer Hangover, poetry by Aishwariya Laxmi at
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The Summer Hangover

The Summer Hangover

written by: Aishwariya Laxmi



The school year ended
Her life changed that summer
She was left unattended
And got herself a lover

Her life revolved around this boy
And his group of friends
They went dancing and swimming
And hung out every weekend

They listened to the songs of their time
Ascribing meaning to each line
Little did they know
What life would have in store

Things then turned nasty
Her mind grew sick
People who barely knew her
Started calling her a bitch

Soon, she lost her friends
To time, mistrust, and rage
Would she ever be on the mend?
Oh, if only she could turn the page

Cast into the world
With no sense of self
It was not long before
She lost her good health

It would be years before she recovered
And mended her broken heart
She would look back on those days
When things fell apart

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