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River Waves

River Waves

written by: Haaris Ali Waqas



Then we sat by the ravishing river;
Beside us were flowers that seldom wither –
They had droplets on their bright petals which slowly slithered –
Then gust of wind wickedly washed away the droplets from a flower
As rain poured an unexpected shower.

With each droplet from the clouds
Bathing the river with royal ripples
As if it wore a crown,
The people rushed into their tents.
To them, a calamity they wished to prevent
But to us, a sweet pleasure –
So we sat by the ravishing river
With our legs bent and our hearts content.

As the birches swung along the whoosh of the river,
The cold wind gently whispered –
It was time for dinner.
We shunned the whisper
And did not go hither
Forever, we sat by waves of the ravishing river.



This poem is about the significance of nature that we ignore everyday, as humans. We fail to appreciate nature for its magnificence.

Haaris Ali Waqas

Haaris Ali Waqas

My name is Haaris Ali Waqas. I've been writing poems for the past 2 years and I live in Ghana, West Africa. However, I am a Pakistani by ethnicity. My works are mostly done in the same structure but I mix it up every now and then to keep things exciting. I hope to be an Author Of The Month on this platform.
Haaris Ali Waqas

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