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Cold Space

Cold Space

written by: Amanda Eifert



Cold Space,
How to explain what’s building inside.
Can I whisper a secret?
It’s about this cold space,
Where no one agrees.
Where ‘people pleasers’ such as me,
Feel uncomfortable and bereft.
One must experience to learn,
We cannot please everyone.
Never all the time,
There are distances between people,
Bridges burned where,
The water once trickled and flowed.
Where you won’t find agreement.
Where you’ll be one side,
And he’ll be on the other.
Watching the bridge smoulder,
To be reassembled in the morning.
While you hold hands tightly,
Gazing at the river of life rushing past.
Rapids, deltas, gorges, sediment,
Cut away, ruthlessly torn.
You’ll wonder how you both,
Made a bridge,
How you’re able to burn them,
Set them aflame in nights,
Horrific cold space.
Somehow you both must learn,
You’ll never be perfect,
It’s okay that sometimes,
The river cuts between you.
He’s not flawless.
You’re not flawless.
You’ve both significant goals,
Even if you’re easygoing,
There are times to say “No!”
Make him greet you half-way.
Other times criticism need be,
Accepted and considered,
While you’re both alienated,
In bitter freezing space.
Can there be space that’s eternally warm?
Can survival, touch, connection, and love,
Exist out in the Snow Queens,
Forever winter, timeless, perpetual.
The future is endless.
An invisible shield,
We cannot see through.
Wisps of plans,
Thoughts and ideas;
Goals, some that aren’t ever achieved.
Life throws us down,
Life teaches.
But blossoming from the pain,
Vivid pink flowers,
A parade of petals falling,
Cherries ready to be picked.
Sweet, bitter, gourmand.
We spit out the pits,
As terrible habits;
As terrible nights;
As terrible dreams.
Moments of in-attention
Where we know,
We must first,
Deal With challenges.
Through the cold space,
Where friends and coworkers;
Where family members;
Where lovers and friends;
Do not agree or give in.
Spouting stubborn opinions and experience.
Yet sprouting from cherry pits,
We build skills,
Where we can discuss our view,
Where we can find fair ground.
Close the cold space,
End the chill and as —
fragrant blossoms gathered close,
Revel in the closeness,
Of friends, lovers, meaningful persons —
We come across.
Petals supporting brashness,
Exploding in beauty before,
The cold space opens once again.
And we all must
Negotiate and learn,
Where we stand our ground,
Refuse to be trampled,
Where we walk away,
Where we learn to say, okay.
Ensure our corrections.
Change when we ought to alter,
Branches of new petal-pink blossoms,
Cherry juice dripping down sweet cheeks;
Treats savoured.
Before wisdoms light,
Gathers in the dark guiding our footsteps,
The lamp unto our feet,
Heat enough to banish the cold,
As cherry blossoms scatter,
Dance and flutter,
In the wind,
Cold space and all other.

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