The Doom Of Vigilance by David Vaughan at

The Doom Of Vigilance

The Doom of Vigilance

written by: David Vaughan



Submerged in voluminous, voluptuous velvet

The void reaches out, it hears you

No insipid, soulless hands of fate will cradle you, no thrall, no tranquil will you be

You reach for the void, all is not quiet

Gibbering to coalescence wanted, hungry, becoming the thrilling call of compulsion

For you have fallen, I judge irredeemably

The call, snaking into coherence as words twist in your mind, born from an even, matched cohesion

Darkness is not the end my friend

What will you find beyond all dimensions and perception of mortal kind?

In the absence of all, darkness and light, what will find you bereft and soaked in malice

No solace in oblivion, it yearns to implement the faceted brilliance which imbues your soul

And what undreamt steed will carry you my king?

What dreaded horror will you ride as you visit absolute death then annihilation of all known and unknown in my happy realm?

What worlds will you devour then? Will you turn in upon yourself as the snake with the tail in its mouth?

For I dispute this lonely, ravenous hunger will find itself satiated

A cold and bitter existence will await you in eternity

Perpetual in the void you are the void

You will eat everything you hope to rule and look upon yourself with questing hunger.

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