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The Failing Of Summer And The Coming Of Fall.

written by: David Vaughan



I barely hear them hearken as the gulls continue to call. Days filled with gold and blue wane now the familiar begins to fade.

Rustic cut outs litter the vast grey with the beckoning of fall. Held fast as these boughs sway I stand unafraid.

Tumultuous joy enriched by your laughter rippling my soul. Held in thrall as your eyes echo the dance to the melody we played.

Threats of the winter though looming seem paltry, seem small. Scorched clean by the fires you kindle I fear no dismay.

Summer’s not gone it still illuminates my halls. Love will build sandcastles as our dreams and their creations continue their play.

David Vaughan

David Vaughan

I love reading fantasy and scifi. My writing pertains to the nature of emotions and the unbound beauty of nature. Deep and intense conversation is where my passions can be unfurled.
I live in the UK but I am truly German in origin.
David Vaughan

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