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written by: Jessikalynn1980



She was hoping for forever,
As they quietly dined.
Her thoughts ran amok,
Slowly becoming intertwined.

They were adults he said.
Why waste precious time?
Passion this strong cannot
Be a crime!

He spoke honestly,
“I don’t want serious ”
She agreed thinking
“He must be delirious “.

Their bodies joined them.
Laying together in the nude
His feelings she
Once again misconstrued!

Why did she Confuse
Love and lust,
She cried out
In utter disgust!

As she felt her
Heart slowly break
A vow was made
She would never forsake!

Never again would
Her feelings reign!
All attempts at Love
Proved to be in vain!

She would forever
Remain alone.
Her heart hardened,
Encased in Stone!



This poem is dedicated to any and everyone who has been in a relationship that did not work out. Sometimes you wonder was it love or just lust? Many decide after being hurt so many times that it’s best to keep their heart locked beneath a thick layer of stone. Just remember that you are not the only one out there, male or female, who is tired of being hurt!!

This is a poem based on hoping for love and giving up. This is a joint collaboration. My wonderful friend gave me the inspiration and I ran with it!

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