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Crash Landing

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Crash Landing

written by: Annalyn Neo Celeste



Mayday! Mayday! Cry from the skyline
Drowning in this shifting uncertain time
Succumbing to despair in tormented chimes
An innocent victim in this warped crime

Sleeplessness continues to elude
Bursting forth pandemonium’s altitude
Brood, indignantly confused and subdued
Conjecture! Painless extinction construed

Hearing mental meltdown ringing its bell
Helpless pleading cries there’s no one to tell
Artificial death in this living hell
Anxious walk to the roof top, oops and fell

Brace! Brace! Taking the leap of its own faith
Flightless angel surrendering to its bait
Another life may cure its bleeding wraith
No more pain, No more sorrow, Rest in peace

Annalyn Neo Celeste

Annalyn Neo Celeste

Annalyn Neo Celeste is originally from the Philippines, based in UAE. Ann is an adventure seeker, fitness enthusiast, history buff, with a big appetite for curiosity. She finds it very rewarding how her passions intertwined - flying & writing. Her fascination of poetry throughout her life serves as an inspiration to document her memorable experiences & exciting adventures globally in a poetic way, and also to pursue her dream of publishing her own book about being a globe trotter. Stay tuned as she writes on!
Annalyn Neo Celeste

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