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Sanctuary of Sorrow

written by: Roger Stanley



What have I fallen from,
The edge of good bye,
The clouds,
That hang
heavy in the sky,
Peerless bloodshot eyes,
Scale over the past,
The Rotten Angel on my side
Whispers let go
What's the reality of my now?
Loneliness as it prevails
The sudden ...
I can't take it any more?
Love hurts,
The truth of my mistakes
Rule the destiny I forsake,

Roger Stanley

Roger Stanley

My name is Roger Stanley, I'm the author of Sanctuary of Sorrow .... a poetry book, soon to be released....
I've been in and out of trouble since the age of 9. My parent's are both deceased; mother, 4 days before my release ... father, 9 months before released on my 3rd prison bid.
I've over come my flaws, I'm about to get married to a childhood girlfriend... who has helped me become who I am today...
My goal is to become a juvenile counselor, and start a poetic outreach program .. " P.O.E." Poets of Encouragement ..... touching and reaching the hearts and souls of troubled teens ... my poetry is my life ....
Author and Poet,
Roger Stanley
Roger Stanley

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