The Spots' Leopard, a poem written by Away With Words at

The Spots’ Leopard

The Spots’ Leopard

written by: Away With Words



Ashamed? I am.
Ashamed that
aimless hearts
lead idle hands.
How they steal land
from shores of sand
to where we stand.
It’s crazy and
It seems so hazily planned.
I don’t understand
hate for different brands,
when simply holding hands
makes us stronger than
any single man.

as I’m awakening
I get this feeling that’s the strangest,
but society’s seeming stranger.
Hurried hearts have had to hasten;
jealous always of their next thing.
Germinating jealousy zealously,
these zealots can’t inspire me.
Waking words and single terms
sung, up-strung
like a rope held tight, taut
tight-rope high.

I’m shaking now;
seemingly starting
to perceive somehow
the spots’ leopard,
savage shepherds
leaving me in limbo;
but in limbo I will never be.
for on four winds I am free.
It ain’t the end, my friend, you’ll see.

For when fate
tries to break things,
it’ll find me, bending;
heart charred, but still standing;
taking flight, not landing.
No need for sidling the sideways,
I’ll slide in solely the right way.
Fearing not the folks who fight it;
unless by “folks,” I mean me.

Blessed belief

is best bequeathed

to all you see;

Proven its


for sure,

a soon-fated thing;

Perceptibly seen.

Mind’s eye made real, manifesting
magical intangible miracles;
practically plentiful periods
remembered in rhyme

…after your time.

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