The Spots' Leopard, a poem written by Away With Words at

The Spots’ Leopard

The Spots’ Leopard

written by: Away With Words



Ashamed? I am.
Ashamed that
aimless hearts
lead idle hands.
How they steal land
from shores of sand
to where we stand.
It’s crazy and
It seems so hazily planned.
I don’t understand
hate for different brands,
when simply holding hands
makes us stronger than
any single man.

as I’m awakening
I get this feeling that’s the strangest,
but society’s seeming stranger.
Hurried hearts have had to hasten;
jealous always of their next thing.
Germinating jealousy zealously,
these zealots can’t inspire me.
Waking words and single terms
sung, up-strung
like a rope held tight, taut
tight-rope high.

I’m shaking now;
seemingly starting
to perceive somehow
the spots’ leopard,
savage shepherds
leaving me in limbo;
but in limbo I will never be.
for on four winds I am free.
It ain’t the end, my friend, you’ll see.

For when fate
tries to break things,
it’ll find me, bending;
heart charred, but still standing;
taking flight, not landing.
No need for sidling the sideways,
I’ll slide in solely the right way.
Fearing not the folks who fight it;
unless by “folks,” I mean me.

Blessed belief

is best bequeathed

to all you see;

Proven its


for sure,

a soon-fated thing;

Perceptibly seen.

Mind’s eye made real, manifesting
magical intangible miracles;
practically plentiful periods
remembered in rhyme

…after your time.

Away with Words

Away with Words

Ever since penning his first poem at the age of 8, Allen has known he wanted to be a writer. Whether it gave him inspiration or indigestion, he has found a way to say it in words. He currently posts on Facebook. You can find his newest creations on Mirakee.
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