The Kiss Of Death written by Khalid Belkhalfi at

The Kiss Of Death

The Kiss Of Death

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi



I just heard a cracking sound
The cry of a big thunder
The speech of pain,
The whine of a lost hope …

The doors of hell are opening …

My soul has just been hoisted
I’m being tossed into inferno
I see dark faces,
I see sufferings, I see hell
I’m full of shame,
I’m guilty of my sinful acts
I have no one to blame …

I have committed a crime
I’ve entered the forbidden realm
I’ve walked into a cursed garden
Full of beautiful trees, beautiful flowers
I was charmed by its beauty
And my soul was rocked
by the sounds of its fountains …

My eyes caught a magical tulip
She was dancing with her naked body
On the night breeze she grooved
With effortless grace she swayed
She didn’t care if I was Looking
While all my body was shaking …

My soul became her miserable slave
I was a prisoner of her dark enclave
I was addicted to her sweet smell
I was falling in love, falling in hell
I was absorbed with her freshness
And I wanted to reach her softness
So with my sinful hands I cut her
And with all of my heart I hugged her …

Suddenly, the scene was shifted
To a room of a dark queen I was lifted
Chained to her bed, my body was abated
She opened her mouth to suck my soul
She was happy to have captured this fool …

Then, I closed my eyes to get ready
And I received the last kiss of death …

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