Don't Promise Me Tomorrow, by John Chinaka Onyeche at
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Don’t Promise Me Tomorrow

Don’t Promise Me Tomorrow

written by: John Chinaka Onyeche



At the aisle of the cathedral,
on that same path, we walked in.
Last night, I came back from my wanderings,
looking for the promises we once made;
on this altar of gods and shades.
Our words were the chords that bind us.
On that lonesome twilight of longings
that grow wings and fly away in a twinkle.
I did remember the glow in your eyes,
of the future’s uncertainty you yearn.
But how time flies and memories die.
Who could have believed that there was
what is known and called love within us?
Oh, and how memories of you hurt now.
The sickened heart longs for a liniment.
Of what has befallen it, it echoes pains.
Who knows what emerges of the heart
when the love we once longed for turned
– sour.

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