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The Real Valentine Gangsters

The Real Valentine Gangsters

written by: roger turner



As Valentine Day is upon us now
Sending a message to our loves
Like chocolate and flowers
With pictures of white doves

Think back to 1929
And of The North Side Gang…men who
Got a different type of message
And it wasn’t I Love You

It was on the North Side
Al Capone’s gang took down nine
They massacred these gangsters
They crossed the prohibition line

Five years before they also
Killed the gangs leader in his shop
His front was selling flowers
Hey, it’s Chicago….where’s a cop?

Now eighty-five years later
The gangsters aren’t as bold
But, on Valentine’s they’re still there
Running Chicago in the cold

With prices for fresh roses
Through the roof….you know the powers
Are run like gangsters years before
By the people selling FLOWERS.

Roger Turner

Roger Turner

I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I have published a few books "The Christmas Ponies", "Sarah and The Christmas Ponies" among others on amazon. My tastes run to Stephen King, but reach from Dr. Suess, and Shel Silverstein. I love golf and old films and anything related to old Las Vegas. I am married to the love of my life, Megan, and have been for 19 years.
Roger Turner

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