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written by: Charlie Bottle



This creamy hummus,
contains the unattainable dreams,
of thousands of chickpeas,
olives, garlic cloves,
and sesame seeds.
the dreams of being alive,
and feeling the sunlight,
on one’s self, and the fruits and seeds,
while wicking raindrops,
and nourishment from the Earth.
the dreams of undanced wind dances,
and of all unborn flowers,
of never being hosts to birds,
butterflies and bees.
It is the paradox of inexistence,
to not exist, yet to exist in you for a while,
obscurely, in your cell walls,
in your unawareness of yourself.

You stretch your hand across the table,
scooping hummus with a piece of khubz,
the bells on your bracelets jingle,
as your hand draws to your lips,
watching in silence, he says “Kadosh” thrice,
praising, the one who makes all possible.
life, and life that gives life,
that gives life, that gives life.
while, receivers become givers,
and givers receivers,
ordinately dancing together,
in the inordinate dance of life.
The temple builder rebuilds,
daily, the temple he dwells in,
keeping pristine,
the temple of his Love.

Shalom! Sulh-e-kul! Salaam! Peace! Shanti!
May the one who provides for all sustain you,
May his goodness and love find, and nourish you,
May his mercy fill and sanctify you,
and may his blessings flow through you.
As the sun shines on all,
May his love shine on and through you.
May your countenance reflect the joy of the Lord,
Like the dew may it transform our world,
A world awakening from the darkness of hatred and sin,
In a peaceful world where mankind as family dwells within.
Amen! Amen! And Amen!

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