To Sleep With You... written by Jecht Fair at

To Sleep With You…

To sleep with you…

written by: Jecht Fair



A tender hand flowing forth from a kinder heart would not go amiss,
But take me not for a love lorne fool – for i crave not a tender kiss,
A subtle look of innocence or formless feelings set adrift,
Thought of upon a sea of twinkling stars that form painful yet minute scars.

I wish to be held,
To fall within you harmlessly felled,
By the light of a sunbeam
Resting calmly upon your questioning brow.

For in a moment the tears of life shall take thee,
To the promise of another land,
Where i can hold the hand,
Of whoever i wish to guide this scar covered man.

Yet here i know i will not find,
Someone to hear my kind,
The fallen poet,
An angel cursed to live within a dreamers time.

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