Droplets, poetry by David Gray-Hammond at Spillwords.com
Erda Estremera



written by: David Gray-Hammond



The world is broken,
Suffering surrounds it,
Enveloping it in darkness,

How can I help the world feel a little less broken?

How can I feel a little less broken?

I cannot reconcile the world’s vitriol with the utopia in my mind,
Wished for as a child,

All I can do is make a small difference,
One drop at a time,
Until like an ocean, good deeds wash away the bad,

Shall I put forth my actions?
A cacophony of dissent,
Against a world that tries so hard to immolate itself,

To thine own self be true,
My truth is a productive irritant,
I will dismantle the hateful systems of the world,

I will make a difference,
One droplet at a time.

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