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The lost haired, the long-haired, the bearded, and the massive in love.

What is Bohemia in terms of existence?

You know the classic novel Pinocchio. I don’t believe in the teachings of a popular guru in the fitness world who claimed that Pinocchio, which means “eye of pine” in Italian, is actually referring to the pineal gland.


Horrendously improvised.

Obviously opposite of what I call positive grounds.

As someone who speaks Italian fluently, I can confirm that Pinocchio’s author chose his name as a humorous way to introduce a story about transformation, isolation, excess, success, and manifestation.

For those who read it, there’s probably no way to find in it excess and isolation, but it is not my place to tell.

I’m among the luckiest who discovered the psychedelics in Alice in Wonderland. You need to be lucky to understand, culture is not enough, unfortunately.

The bald pilgrim who saw in the white rabbit the little credit of the minuscule man addicted to the speed of nothing. I understood Anneliese Michel as a victim of the Vatican, such as Emanuela Orlandi.

We need to talk about it because we made bohemia something more modern and less passive as just a gypsy thing.

We are gypsies.

We are predicting, we’re listening to the percussion, and we know the beat.

Bohemia is our motherland.

Bohemia is the beat that we’ll beat forever.

Despite losing many friends, I’m still here discussing the last train to Beatitude. A place where dreams make everything larger than life, where we embark on endless drives to find the perfect spot to dominate the dawn.

Nowadays, we deserve a commune in which everybody will be called Cassady by surname.

As a tribute to this beautiful rebel, a bohemian.

I don’t want to tell you who he was. Do your research.

I’m sanctifying the one who chose.

Bohemia is a beautiful place that exists only in your mind and inspires you to venture out into the world, whether in sunshine or rain, in storm or calm. Bohemia is about travel, tarot, bad habits and freedom, which can be summed up in beauty, truth, and love as a magical movie taught us. In 2023 we still are Steam and Fantasy, against leggings and pilates.

The honour is driven by this little sense.

The little sense of a coffee and something strong in a kitchen nearby an anonymous garden of beautiful flowers and hens, eggs. Incredible to be admired, impossible to be lived, and in some sense regretted by a soul that will never regret.

Bohemia’s peacefulness renders the city rat’s vulgar words meaningless.

In Bohemia, everything is made in love by love making love.

Bohemia is Lemuria.

It is love, making love to create love in two or more.

Love under Will.

Active and never passive.

We will walk to death, a forgotten rail tracks better than a bed.

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