Mermaids & Miracles, a poem by Ann Parker at

Mermaids & Miracles

Mermaids & Miracles

written by: Ann Parker


When I was five, at Sandy Cove Bay,
I met mermaids and pirates on that first holiday.
I think I was six, when I played with a witch.
We’d fly to the moon on a stick for a broom.
And in my garden, where the long grass grew
Was where pixies lived and fairies flew.
I made them houses and acorn beds
And we’d hide from the trolls in the garden shed.
A pink unicorn would come for tea
And a prince once asked to marry me.
As the marks of my height, on the wall got high,
Child-like things had passed me by.
The more I grew, the less I saw.
Maybe I didn’t believe anymore.

But when we went back to Sandy Cove Bay,
My son saw a mermaid, I heard him say.
He dug in the sand for an old treasure chest
By reading a map that the pirates had left.
Then to our house, a wizard came.
Inventing spells was their favourite game.
With monsters to fight when he played with his friends
From under the stairs where they’d made their den.

Years later, my grandson stayed for the night.
There were ships to sail and pirates to fight.
And in the garden, by my old shed,
The fairies had gone, there were dragons instead.

But now that I’m old, I don’t feel sad.
I remember the magical times I had.
And I didn’t think I’d see any more
Of the mystical creatures like I had before.
Then just like that, I could suddenly see
A sparkling angel in front of me.
She said “Come with me,” and took my hand.
“I’ll take you home to a wonderland.
Where rainbows never need the rain,
And you’ll see all those ones that you loved, once again.”

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