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Letter to Grandpa

Letter to Grandpa

written by: Ann Parker


Dear Grandpa, it’s Freddie. I hope you are well.
Please give my love to Nana as well.
It’s been a few months, so I thought I had better,
Tell you I miss you and write you a letter.
I was thinking of times we had gone to the park.
And you taught me to tell trees and flowers apart.
The pinecones we found are still next to my bed.
When Dad trod on one, can’t repeat what he said.
All that I know is when I said it once,
I was threatened that I would be grounded for months.

You were often in trouble with Mummy as well.
Like Auntie Jane’s wedding, you got tipsy and fell.
Once we drove on the driveway and you let me steer
And she saw when you gave me a sip of your beer.
I wonder if Dad knew you always brought sweets
Or when I’d been naughty you’d sneak me in treats.

I’ve a confession myself, remember your mat?
It was me knocked your cup off, it wasn’t the cat.
And that time that your cuckoo clock suddenly stopped.
It hadn’t just broke, it was ‘cos it was dropped.
But I’d never worry that you’d shout at me.
I’d always get round you and sit on your knee.
Telling me stories while here babysitting,
Of how you met Nana and she’d be sat knitting.
How you’d given up girlfriends as she was the one.
And started a family and that was my mum.

You don’t babysit now and that I regret.
I know I am older, but don’t love you less.
Just to go fishing, I’d give anything.
With our nets and our sun hats and jam jars on string.
Holidays with you were always great fun.
We camped in the rain and sailed in the sun.

But you’ve not been so active over the years.
And when Mum and Dad talk I often see tears.
Dad said you’ve gone to a much better place.
Can’t you come to visit? I so miss your face.
I thought that I’d seen you a couple of times.
But it was some other Grandpa. It wasn’t mine.
Let’s make a plan to go and play ball
And blow some more bubbles, like when I was small.
Then fish on the lake, but we’ll take it slow.
You don’t have to worry, ‘cos now I can row.
Please let me know when you’re able to come.
And thank you again for all you have done.

But wait just a minute, Mum’s told me the news.
Can’t believe you and Nana are coming here soon.
Nobody told me, it’s all been discussed,
You hated that home and will move in with us.
So now I can read to you, like you did me.
Or push you round the park and look at the trees.
I’m so happy, Grandpa, that I got my wish
To see you and Nana. Love Freddie. Kiss Kiss.

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