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written by: David J. Roussel



Remember to breathe;
that’s the thing
keeping you alive.
Such a little thing,
it never crosses our minds,
but there is nothing so important.
Though our minds might conjure
rapacious images
and lofty aims,
we still need that simple
and again,

Our hearts may fill
with the sight
of that which we love
and yearn for memory
and vibrant touchstones.
It may beat quicker
in the presence
of a lover,
but it will cease,
if we do not bring air in
and let air out.
and again,

We may think our bodies,
strong and built for war,
are hardened by rough work
and harder leisure.
Our hands might grip
the hammer, wrench, or spade
and wield them deftly,
with skill and such power.
Our legs
may carry us for miles,
across mountains, prairies
and across the forest floor,
or push us through the water,
with great exertion;
even out of our element,
we thrive in defiance.

The grip slackens,
the arms drop
and the legs fail.
Treading water,
now a fight for life.
As the eyes dim
and the breath
becomes the battle;
we lose what we are,
quicker than we become it.

The bravest men,
see mortals in their shadow,
as the simple act
becomes a Herculean task.
and again,
and again,
and again.

Such a simple thing,
we barely ever notice,
but it’s our lifeline;
the very act
of living.
Pulling atoms
from the atmosphere
of a space rock;
life is pretty weird,
but it is ours.

So while we can,
let us consume ourselves
with being;
starting with the first thing
we did
when we were born.
and again…

David J. Roussel

David J. Roussel

I am a writer, of poetry, mainly. I have written a complete piece every day for the past 5 years. I publish new pieces to my WordPress blog - Hokus Grey every Saturday and Sunday. Over 2000 pieces of poetry have been published to date. I have no intention of stopping.
David J. Roussel

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