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In Bed Sheets

In Bed Sheets

written by: David J. Roussel



There were days when I slumber,
never lifting my head.
Cover up all the windows,
I’m not leaving this bed.
No trouble can find me,
no feelings get in.
Frankly, my darling,
I’ve had my fill once again.
For now, I’ll take respite.
Tell the world I’m not in.
I have faded with twilight.
I have courted the moon.
I have blazed like the morning,
always coming too soon.
I’ve delayed my departure
to spend time in the sky,
but today I’m sequestered,
all alone with my mind.
Let my dreams be my landscapes
and my eyelids my walls,
shut tight against my fate,
misfortune befalls
all men who are dreamers,
for we’ve seen it all.
Sure, I’ll rise replenished,
I’m just caught in a stall.
Truly, my lover,
I’ve had enough for a while.
just leave me to slumber,
I’ve been feeling the miles.
Take the phone from its cradle
and join me in bed;
let’s escape the humdrum.
Come and rest your head
on my weary shoulder,
it’s all I can bear.
For the next little while,
the world isn’t there.
Let’s live our lives in bed sheets,
in comfort and warm.
Two bodies escaping
the tumult and storm.
We’ll return with new vigor,
but for now, let’s escape
back under the covers
where we’ve always been safe.

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