Christmas Lights, a poem written by Simona Prilogan at
Ruth Gledhill

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

written by: Simona Prilogan



The Christmas lights are shining bright
Besides of buildings, thoughts, and dreams,
Through Oxford Street the shadows’ night
Are craving hopes on fancy’s beams.
The money smells might crock the hearts,
Too loud, too blind, too quick to fall
For something undefined in charts
Of a new normal drove in brawl.
Yet fairy lights are here indeed,
To spark the memories and shine,
For other stars to catch the deed
Beneath of skies, on Christmastime.

I keep my walk as a routine
Spicing the path with real goes,
Feeling the wind, an evergreen
Refreshing thoughts through winter’s shows.
The Regent Street enchants the trick
In glossy stories, seraphs’ spheres,
The people’s selfies click and flick
The smiles pretending happy cheers.
At Piccadilly Circus plays
A reality, converting dreams,
Sleighing desire in a maze,
One giving love while love receives.
The Christmas tree is wearing doubts
For the new vibes spacing the lines,
At Tottenham Court Road it sprouts
A homeless’ camp pleading the slides.
At Primark’s windows karma’s game
Is chanting beggars’ fooling songs,
Denying lives in dearth and shame,
Too stuck themselves in habits’ wrongs.
The antithesis strikes the eyes
Craving new thoughts for Santa’s list,
Through all the Holborn’s stylish highs
My walk is carrying puzzle’s mist.

The Christmas carols bring the tune
Of humankind wrap up in love,
From past is writing a nurture
Of a togetherness, above.
Yet Santa’s sensing out of streets,
Too full of people walking fast,
The loneliness torturing beats
Of happiness losing its blast.
I wish I could sing loud while sleigh
Through beauty’s harmony pure fields,
Bringing compassion in the way,
As Christmas’ wish and Santa’s shields.

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