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Drowning, Drowning

Drowning, Drowning

written by: Jose A. Tovar


I have often felt at the core of my bones
that whenever it rains, this shadow,
this hidden phantasm of chaotic nihilism
comes back leaking quietly into my soul.

I just float there (or fall?)
in the darkness of the void,
drowning, drowning…

No up.
No down.
Or forwards.
Or backwards.
Not even
a Heaven
or Hell.

What can I do?
What can I do?

Just lie in a bed of icy tears
and hope for my heart to freeze.

Jose A. Tovar

Jose A. Tovar

Inquiring freethinker undertaking a journey of moral and intellectual transformation: I strive, I search, I hunt for the hidden and forbidden, mold it into poetry, and let the shadows within me burst free...

B.A. in Political Science, former Analytical Linguist, and lover of liberty.
Jose A. Tovar

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