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A World Of Illusion

A World Of Illusion

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


You jump into the large abyss
thinking you are free
But very soon you find out
that there is nowhere you can flee
You’re in a true darkness like hell
you try to save your soul
Everyone you see around you
is pulling you in the hole ..

Sarcastic beings are burning
your fragile heart with fake smiles
They cut you when they touch
your naked body with nails like knives
Everything is spinning,
you’re in an eternal vertigo
Lies are spit like fire, you scream,
winds of hate start to blow ..

What evil authority covered the world
with its darkness
People are willing to kill themselves
with lots of harshness
Cannibals are fighting vampires
in an endless war
You fight hyenas but
you are a lion without a roar ..

You realize that all was a lie
to bring you to your condemnation
You have been lured by fake love,
what a bad temptation
You’re lost now and you understand
that in this world you’re alone
No need to fight these poisonous teeth
just succumb and moan ..

But your only hope now
is to wait for a big miracle
Close your eyes, say your prayers
and wait for something mystical

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