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Delilah Rayma

Nobody Knows Her Name

Nobody Knows Her Name

written by: Kayleigh Merchant


Nobody knows her name,
she wanders
the river turns ice from her heart
a sacred art,
An angel face with a dark mind,
A willow tree leans forward with crispy
leaves turning brown in the moonlit shine,
Stars fill the sky brightening her gaze as
she embarks upon her path through a maze,
she knows of her home in the silky
smooth cave,
Nobody knows her name,
just a feather-like touch
a smile with a twisted grin,
Sparkling in the shimmering
mirror lake nobody dares to drink,
Echoing chuckles drown out howling winds
before she disappears again.

Lonely, she waits for a friend,
Everybody hurries too fast
through the rush of day,
She sits quietly on a
bench reciting a play,
Nights turn cold with the pace,
She dreams of a warm place to stay,
Sirens blare over an underpass
while raindrops trickle down on metal
creating a rhythmic sound.

Nobody knows her name…

Long wavy strands drift over her face,
Upon a candle flame she concentrates,

All is what it seems while she slowly
turns the page.

Is she a ghost? Nobody knows. History repeats and the days are long. Loneliness and invisibility are a constant scare.

Why doesn’t anyone care?

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