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Jonathan Borba



written by: RC Larlham



We come together in evening’s gentle fade
We touch.
Our skin inflamed with our desire
And through the heat we only see
Our love

Your skin is heated gossamer and mine
Is flame
I touch your cheek and guide my hand
Behind your ear and pull you in
To a kiss

Our lips become welded flowing fire
Move down
I pull you close and kiss your breast
Your nipple rigid deep within
My lips

You pull me down to kiss beneath
Your breast
And guide me lower still to touch
The crease between your hip and
Venus mound

I lift your hips up to my molten mouth
Those lips
Of moist and heated pleasure depths
And kiss you deeply and hear you
Writhe and moan

You pull me up and lay me back and kiss
My throat
With feather touch of flame to make me
Groan with need of touching just
Your skin

Your lips trail fire and bubbling lava down
My chest
I feel the shrieking heat of passion rise
As heated lips and tongue engulf
So deep

Before Vesuvius can quench itself, I reach
For you
And bring you up to lie again by me
And roll above you, heat and love a total
Flaming mix

And then we roll together with the fire rising
Deep within
Our scorching skins are melded in the flame
As I slide within your shaking heated body
And we move

We move – all flame and fire, lava liquid hot
We move
Moist and hot with skin against our skin
We move and sweat in rolling heat until
We together move…

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