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written by: Dawn Pisturino


You fell on me like a ton of bricks,
Crushing my bones,
Tearing my flesh,
Smashing my heart into a bloody mess.
You set out to destroy me,
Piece by bloody piece,
Using what was left to rebuild
The wall of your own self-worth.
Your prying, spying eyes follow me.
You stretch my tender nerves
To the breaking point,
Leaving them painful and raw.
My stomach churns and ties in knots
From constantly listening for you.
You torched me with the flames of your fury
When I refused to talk to you
By the side of the road.
I was too afraid.
If I feared you then,
Imagine how I fear you now!
But my feelings never matter.
It’s all about YOU,
Your cruel tricks designed to diminish me and break me down.
I wake up crying in the middle of the night
In the midst of shadowy dreams about you.
Your face looms over me, and I feel your power.
Control. Possession. Getting your own way at any cost.
That’s your modus operandi.
And you hate that I keep my distance
Away from you
And resist your domination.
You played a new trick Monday,
Sending your proxy to spy on me.
The car drove slowly past the house
As I sat on the porch reading a book.
I did not recognize the car or the driver,
But he looked at me and grinned.
An hour later he returned,
Repeating the operation.
Were you in the passenger seat?
I could not tell. But somehow,
The man knew where to go and what to do.
Your fingerprints were unmistakable.
I felt angry, humiliated, and belittled.
I am not a dog on a leash
Or a monkey on display at the zoo.
I removed all the extra shrubbery
Along the road to better see you.
I removed all the chairs from the porch
To defy you.
Maybe you will finally get the message and disappear.



This poem is dedicated to my stalker.

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