What I See, poetry by John Pitman Gibson at Spillwords.com
Danny G

What I See

What I See

written by: John Pitman Gibson



1   When the weather is stormy,
2   What I see is a group of people like army.
3   The cloud frowns his face
4   And change the customs and costumes of the day.

5   Great people of Western-Coastal Africa,
6   Never deterred by the wind of violent cry.
7   They obey the demand of the wind
8   Which says “stop everything you’re doing”.

9    Great people of free land,
10  They run like the swing of hands.
11   Not because they are scared and weak,
12  But because of their love for peace.

13  With helping hand from one another,
14  Entering homes with billions of loads is not a matter.
15  The wind is calm.
16  What I see is love and peace every time.

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