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A Foolish Notion

written by: Paeansunplugged


“Your religion or mine,” inflamed more passions
than a night together could have
we refused to meet halfway
and thus sworn enemies forever,
we set out to decimate not just each other
but everyone who seemed to be on the opposing side
I wish for one night,
only one,
we could have discarded religion like clothes
counted each others’ ribs
and run our hands over each other's scarred hearts
then under the canopy of stars
that is neither yours nor mine
in the soft moonlight that shines equally on us
had laid on the grass which does not protest
whether you step on it or I
and read out verses to each other from our scriptures
and marvelled at the beauty of similarity in difference
and buried forever the books that divided us
and saved us from religion
maybe then…
but I am a fool and this
a foolish notion!!



I am a stay at home mother and do freelance writing for school textbooks.

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