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Notes of Life

Notes of Life

written by: Anitha Jayasankar


Breathing in and out the notes of life,
from first cry to last sigh, you sing
you sing…. unbeknownst
unbeknownst to you as to
what tunes and notes of life
you will be singing…

But you keep singing… taking cues
taking cues from the
rhythm of the twirl of time.

As you warble to the ticking of time
a melody is created
and the moment becomes lovely –
when your hum is harmonious to
the rhythm, tempo, and dynamics of life.

Listening to that sweet melody,
buds of love and peace bloom straightaway
in vibrant colors
to savor and celebrate
the beautiful moment:
a moment as beautiful
as the sweet smile of a child
and as peaceful as the
stillness of a meditation hall.

At times, your voice cracks
you sing outside the range
hitting the wrong note…
you slip down the stairs –
the last step extending down to
the hassles and hard times of life…

Like a banana peel
on an already slippery road,
like dust in the eye
that blurs your vision,
like that of a Wordle game
that leaves you totally clueless.

Such wrong notes
in your song of life
leave you in dismay

Like a torn page in a book:
you get dejected, dispirited, and disheartened
and a confused state of mind follows.

But you know you should not stop
you need to ignore the wrong note you struck

not a wince, blink or a pause…

you have to just move

on and on…

and get your mojo back
to continue caroling
the rest of your notes of life
in accordance to the
rhythm of time…

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