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This Scarecrow Road

This Scarecrow Road

written by: Jim Bellamy


this scarecrow road, as naped in ghosts as slaughter,
heeds a chilly pumpkin Escariot,
o this midnight halloween-writ raises dolls from water.

as we tread for swinging ghouls, a devil under us
bangs in scarred hands where a puller’s night crush
carries a sister’s tricky treater of topped carry-cut
snakers of bobbing apple-corpses.

this scarecrow road, as popped in head as stormers,
walks a midnight row…..& crowed devil-dawners
share deadened lips with a bleeded lucifuge…

a winch of fallen gallows tree-hangs old hosts,
a witch of falons mallows a sea-hag’s ropes,
& we dig for turniped scissor-wine when bodies

bag mess up in a wasted teasing house of voices.

all-hallows-weave strides this scarecrow road
all-killers-weeds strangle a bruised insect lobe
& toads go down

Jim Bellamy

Jim Bellamy

Jim Bellamy was born in a storm in 1972. He studied hard and sat entrance exams for Oxford University. Jim has won three full awards for his poems. Jim has a fine frenzy for poetry and has written in excess of 22,000 poems. Jim adores the art of poetry. He lives for prosody.
Jim Bellamy

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