Beware - Trolls Operate In This Park, poetry by Amanda Steel at
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Beware – Trolls Operate In This Park

Beware – Trolls Operate In This Park

written by: Amanda Steel



The park is theirs when the sun goes down
Slipping back out of cave-like habitats
A long way from their home
So they could be closer to yours
It may be a short-cut home
But don’t give into the temptation
The park may look empty in the half-moonlight
But when you’re too far in
To go forward or turn back
You’ll hear, quietly at first
A laugh from somewhere
Over by the swings?
Then another from under the slide?
The roundabout spins out of control
And the whole park becomes
A symphony of troll laughter
Because they know you’re trapped
You will run as they hurl stones your way
Some narrowly miss your head
Others hit their target, clipping your limbs
Smashing into your skull
When you fall, trolls will appear
From their hiding spots
And surround you, silently signalling
Which one gets to toy with you first
Don’t be fooled by the Huldrefolk
Blonde and handsome, almost human
Except for their tails
They love *long pig as much as the others
The females are the worst
Their spell leaves you unable to resist
As they nibble away at you
Sometimes for years
A snack that replenishes itself
Until they’re ready for a feast
If the trolls get you
It’s surely better
To be the main course in tonight’s dinner
Than to be snacked on over the years
But better still
Avoid the park at night because
There are trolls in this park


Long pig – Human flesh

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