Hallowe'en, a poem by Peg Prendeville at Spillwords.com
Nick Fewings



written by: Peg Prendeville


The veil is thin at this time of year
And our dead are hovering near
The quiet and stillness suits the mood
And calms the simmering fear.

But children have the happy knack
Of making it seem like fun
When they don masks and ghostly dress
And all their fears they shun.

“Trick or treat”, they sing their song
As they visit all the neighbours
Gathering sweets and apples
As a reward for all their labours.

At home they play snap apple
Or dive for coins in water
They carve faces out of pumpkins
And double up in laughter.

While adults think of loved ones
On the far side of the veil
Whom they hope to meet again some today
And exchange some merry tales.

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