Halloween, poetry by Liam Flanagan at Spillwords.com
Draconian Images



written by: Liam Flanagan



The night of the living dead
Where souls wander between this and the otherworld
Looking for one last chance to enact revenge on their enemies before passing to the other side
Trick or Treat
Provide an offering or something sinister may befall your home
Dressing up in costumes to represent the undead
Lighting candles in carved out pumpkins to ward off their intentions of dread
Bonfires are being lit to keep evil spirits away
Burning flames providing protection from those with macabre intent trying to find a way
Devils, Ghosts, Monsters and Witches
All trying to get their hands on you before the Christmas
So going to bed this weekend
Make sure you lock the door tight
As you never know who could come knocking
In the middle of the night!

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